Calligraphy Cut

90% of Woman want more Volume

Calligraphy Cut is the solution

With the Calligraphy Pen in the trained hand of an artist, client’s wishes become reality.

Frank Brormann’s revolutionary Calligraphy Cut has a simple goal – to give the hairdresser total control of the service allowing him to give fine hair more shape, more volume, create new customized hairstyles that inspire the client and help the hairdresser achieve ultimate success.



Innovative Cutting Technique

Calligraphy Cut combines manual skill care, creative passion and technical innovation.

For this Frank Brormann developed the Calligraphy Pen – a special cutting tool. Frank’s visionary concept is patented and unique. Only a select handful of highly trained expert hairdressers worldwide control the use of the Calligraphy Pen and the technology.

The results from the Calligraphy Cut made with Calligraphy Pen give fine hair volume, elasticity, flexibility, movement and – the most important thing: The hair is easy to style at home.


The new Collection „Limitless“

So schwungvoll wie jeder neue Tag beginnt, werden Sie ihn niemals vergessen. Freiheit ist mehr als ein Versprechen. Freiheit ist Grenzenlos.

Limitless – New Collection stellt alle Ressentiments in Frage. Auf einmal ist alles anders. Auf einmal ist alles grenzenlos. So frei wie niemals zuvor. Erleben Sie diesen Augenblick.


The concept

With its blade angled at 3°, the Calligraph cuts the hair on the diagonal, rather like the careful cut to preserve a flower stem. The hair is not damaged – instead, the gently and carefully guided blade results in visible movement in the finished cut, which makes it appear fuller. This requires the highest degree of precision and care because the perfect result depends on an even more precisely defined, more pronounced cutting angle of between 21° and 23°. The finely honed ergnomic design of the Calligraph enables very safe use so that the stylist’s full focus is on the customer`s hair.

The Calligraphy Cut ensures hair retains its allure for longer: whether in the form of an elaborate styling, carefully proportioned cut or a more feminine look – it always looks soft, rounded and beautiful.

> The result: fuller hair that feels soft and pleasant, which can be styled in a wide range of ways – for a more intense and sensuous experience <

For hairdresser

Calligraphy Cut is revolutionizing the hairdressing industry! Indispensable in Europe, the innovative cutting method is now conquering the American Market and provides the solution for not only fine hair, but any hair type that wants be more voluminous.

Realize The benefits of Calligraphy Cut and come on this amazing journey with us that is changing the beauty industry. Contact us – we look forward to meeting you!

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      Jason DeSantis
      Director of Salon Partnerships & Business Development

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      Campus GmbH
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      D-59302 Oelde
      +49 2522 833240-0
      CEO Frank Brormann


      Thanks to bureau BEUSKER for advice and visuell realization of the whole concept Calligraphy Cut.



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