Become a calligraphy cut stylist and grow up your business with happy customers! 

Why calligraphy cut

The Calligraph pen is designed to always cut the hair at the perfect angle of 21 degrees. Due to the resulting enlargement of the hair tip cross-section, your hair receives more fullness, lightness and movement. But above all: Hair cut with calligraphy pen is less prone to split ends, so your hair will have more time to grow longer! And not only that, because your hairstyle simply grows in your hair, you also have much longer fun with your new haircut So you still look super well maintained even after several weeks.

And there's something else:

A hair cut done with calligraphy pen just feels incredibly great. Describing is of no use!

Experience it for yourself – the incredible feeling of a calligraphy cut!

The StarterBox

Start easily with your limited StarterBox!

Together with your StarterBox, you will get your online access to our calligraphy cut Digital
Academy. There, you will learn how to work with the calligraphy pen, we will guide you safely
to the goal. If you like it, work through the lessons, and when you feel confident in using the
calligraphy pen, sign up for certification. Upon passing the certification, you will be an
officially trained calligraphy cut stylist.

Get your Starterbox

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1 Calligraphy pen (on permanent loan)

4 premium human hair mannequin heads

1 high-quality training head stand, tripod

1 super practical mobile phone/tablet holder

3 x 10 super sharp calligraphy cut blades

1 calligraphy cut Sealing Serum, 30 ml

1 calligraphy cut Hydro Spray, 200 ml

1 comb

6 hair clips


calligraphy cut is only available as a subscription. The subscription costs 99 $ per month and can be cancelled at any time. You will have back the monthly subscription costs of 99 $ in no time (already with one calligraphy cut per week).

Whenever you realize that this is not for you (whether in or after the training), just return the calligraphy pen to us, and your subscription will end. All other items of the
StarterBox remain your property.

Digital Academy

Access to the Digital Academy – with more than 40 hours of basic training sessions

We hairdressers love the applause!

And we are sure of that with the
calligraphy cut.

Fun and passion are the most effective recipes for sustainable
success, aren't they?! So why not try something new?