Welcome to the World of calligraphy cut!

Calligraphy cut is a haircut. But not just a haircut, it's the best haircut in the world! Because it is made with the calligraphy pen. The best haircutting tool in the world.

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Calligraphy cut creates movement and natural volume and makes your hair dance.

Brilliant Glow

Like an obliquely cut diamond, the hair ends reflect more light and get a smooth and skilly finish and brilliant glow.

Less split ends

The cut acts like coating the hair ends, so your hair is less prone to split ends.

Long hair

Calligraphy cut keeps your hairdo in shape for longer. Fulfill your dream of longer hair!

Easy to style

Out in the morning and the hairdo is perfect! With calligraphy cut, alaborate styling is a thing of the past.